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Link to listen or download the audio guide in English.


Audio guide through the architecture of the Muzeum Susch

Version: English translation

Concept: Willi Dorner & Lisa Rastl

developed in collaboration with Erich Schmid

Performed by Erich Schmid

Sound engineering: Paul Ebhart

Commissioned and produced by Muzeum Susch as part of the Acziun Susch programme

English translation: Translingua Vienna

English voice: Chris Myers

Dear Visitor,

with this audio guide

you will walk like a blind person.

Mr Schmid will lead you

all the way up through the museum

on the way down, he will share with you his reflections

how it is to live in the world that is so visually oriented

let yourself follow his voice

let your eyes close when you feel for

let your hands examine the walls

Allow yourself to get lost.

And to find out the way again.

Feel free to come back to the museum

and re-visit the artworks and those spaces

you omitted in the walk with Erich

(Joanna Leśnierowska, Acziun Susch curator)

Technical notes:

In our APP you will also find more audio guides in various languages (EN, DE, IT) for our temporary exhibitions.