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"Fermada sün dumonda"

"Fermada sün dumonda"("Stop on request") are the words that welcome those arriving in Susch on the red Swiss trains that cross the alpine region of Graubünden, coming into the Engadin valley. Situated there is a medieval monastery that used to be an important stop on the path of those who, in search of penance, gratitude, or contemplation, peregrinated to Santiago de Compostela and Rome centuries ago. The space that once offered a warm sojourn and respite to pilgrims on their journeys is now home to MUZEUM SUSCH and Art Stations Foundation CH.

Starting in February 2020, the Chasa (a house), in the historical complex, will again become a home for travelers participating in the new residency program titled Temporars Susch. In reference to the cultural, scientific and scholarly heritage of Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, Vaslav Nijinsky and J.M. Basquiat who, amongst others, discovered the Engadin as a site of inspiration and intellectual debate, the program is meant for those who, as a conscious decision, are prepared to make a "Fermada sün dumonda"("Stop on request") and engage in intellectual activities and research. As a motto for the guests, this message is a declaration of intent of what Temporars Susch has to offer. A space under one roof for those craving a pause from their usual routines and a cordial invitation to inhabit a setting free from tension and production pressures.

Following its contemplative principle, Temporars Susch offers a stay for those in the state of flux, encouraging its residents to embrace and dive into cultural debates, and to sustain the continued reappraisal and critical analysis of (art)historical ideas. As a non-production-oriented program, it stresses the need for, and points out the relevance of, critical reflection and self-reflection, of reconsideration and redefinition of stances, of deepened research and constant revisiting and reformulating of practices – we wish to nurture and challenge the residents' work and practices by providing them an input to think.

Temporars Susch offers individual residencies to artists, writers, curators, cultural producers and researchers from diverse backgrounds regardless of the moment in their career development. The residencies are organized either through regular open calls , selected by an international jury of esteemed professionals (Artists in Residency) or through direct invitations by Muzeum Susch, as well as through invitations or partnerships with other institutions (Guests in Residency).

The program is addressed to those who are open and ready to share their ideas and practices, creating a cultural debate with fellow residents, as well as with the local, cultural and academic communities, by engaging in activities such as workshops, artist talks, panel discussions, performances or any format ‘in-between’. The presence of the residents of Temporars Susch and their contributions are vital for the spirit of the institution.  



The Open Call for 2021 is currently closed.

The selection process will be carried out by an international Jury.
 All applicants will be notified about the results.

Due to the pandemic the arrival of residents planned for May 2020, August 2020 and November 2020 has been postponed to May, August and November 2021. Therefore, no new residency places in 2021 will be offered.