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‘If you look deep enough’ wrote the philosopher Thomas Carlyle, ‘you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music.’

The Swiss self-image is deeply influenced by music; sounds, music and rhythms are crossing cultural boundaries and at the same time they are geographically anchored. What happens to music in the face of nature, in the mountains? The relationship with nature, located between contradiction and harmony, was and is an essential reference point of aesthetic self-determination. Music has the power to restore a natural balance. <Personare> means <to sound through>, the form arises from the formless. Melodic and rhythmic order structures are reflecting the harmonic spectrum of nature.


 Chamber music was originally destined for the princely 'chamber', so the secular-representative space. Unlike the orchestra, the musicians work instrumentally in small, limited formations for the virtuoso expansion of musical means. The frame determines the content, and the intimate space the perception. When we speak of 'tone', both sound as well as matter are being activated. When images are created in our thoughts and the space becomes the body of sound, then music becomes the connecting element of the physical and intellectual experience of time, ideas and connections. Musica Susch wants to follow these lines of tone and within this unique series we want to engage between tradition and new developments - 'High culture in high nature' as recently a report on the activities of the museum in the ZDF / 3SAT was headlined.

  With a series of 6 chamber concerts throughout the year, a new tradition is to be established reviving the genre and appealing to new audiences beyond the borders of the Engadin. Within the programme we would want to go on exploration trails - in the auditorium of Muzeum Susch, with the view of the alpine landscape and on the foundation of the old monastery walls, with a selection of outstanding ensembles, balancing between established ("known") and new / young ensembles.


Given the expanded role that museums play in research and education today, we are committed to the creation of content beyond exhibition making, a "museum plus ", which is characterized by the results of this broad commitment, the interdisciplinary collaboration and by creating a unique framework in which new ideas are promoted. Here we hope with the inclusion of music in the supporting programme to expanding our publics and the reference area in which we locate ourselves in Susch.



The concert series is significantly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.