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Mirko Baselgia

Midada da structura, 2018

Courtesy: Studio Mirko Baselgia. Photo by Stefan Altenburger.

The sculptural door "Midada da Structura" is a site-specific artwork that reflects on the elements and principles that define a structure, and the opportunities to reshape and transform them. This theme, which has been central to Mirko Baselgia's work, aligns with the vision of the MUZEUM SUSCH as a constantly evolving space and aims to bring new vitality to architecture and its surrounding context, as well as serve as a gathering place for creatives and researchers from diverse backgrounds.

The sculptural door is part of a collection of wooden works of various sizes that depict a honeycomb of bees that underwent an experiment. The artist replaced the traditional hexagonal wax base with an Arabic-inspired pattern in a beehive to observe its effect on the bees' behavior. The resulting honeycomb, partially shaped by the unusual pattern, was then enlarged and sculpted from aromatic Val Tuors stone pine using a CNC machine. Baselgia is particularly fond of this type of wood from Graubünden, known for its calming fragrance, which is believed to lower heart rate and positively impact breathing.

In "Midada da Structura," the interweaving of artificial and natural structures symbolizes the collaboration between humans and animals. Bees are a recurring subject in the artist's works, as they not only showcase their precise organization and cooperative abilities, highlighting the similarities between animal and human societies, but also hold personal significance as beekeeping is rooted in the artist's family history.

Courtesy: Studio Mirko Baselgia. Photo by Stefan Altenburger.
Courtesy: Studio Mirko Baselgia. Photo by Stefan Altenburger.