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Teresa Vittucci

7 – 18 October 2020

/ research residency and co-production residency in collaboration with Tanzhaus Zurich for

The Reckless (working title)

ACZIUN SUSCH is proudly welcoming Teresa Vitucci for a  residency leading up to the creation of her new performance, to be premiered at the end of February 2021 in tanzhaus Zurich, in co-production with Art Stations Foundation CH.

For her upcoming performance work RECKLESS(working title), the second work in her trilogy in praise of vulnerability, Teresa Vittucci invites the composer and sound artist Colin Self into a process of collaborative sonic and somatopolitcal exploration. Working towards the idea of a duet as performative dialogue, the two artists reflect on the historical notion of female curiosity as deviant will to knowledge. Re-imagining the formative origin of punished and penalized female curiosity, as told in the origin stories of Eve and Pandora, Vittucci and Self explore a queer feminist reading and re-iteration of these figures and their actions.

Teresa Vittucci (*Vienna) graduated from Vienna Conservatory, The Ailey School, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and the University of Arts Berne where she received her Masters in Expanded Theater. Since 2013 she has been developing a solo practice through her works UNLEASH (2012), LUNCHTIME (2015), ALL EYES ON (2017) and HATE ME, TENDER (2018). She has collaborated with several artists and institutions including Staatstheater Mainz, Benny Claessens, Simone Aughterlony, Marie Caroline Hominal, Trajal Harrell, Gil and Nils Amadeus Lange, whom she made the duo U BETTA CRY (2013) with. Sparked by a carte blanche invitation of Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris, Teresa curated SHAMELESS festival in February 2020. Her works are being presented and toured internationally. Teresa has received the ImPulsTanz danceWEB scholarship 2013 (Ivo Dimchev), the Foreign Study Scholarship of the Austrian CultureMinistry (BKA), the STARTstipendium scholarship from BKA as well as the TURBOResidency at ImPulsTanz 2014 and 2018. She was awarded the Recognition prize by the city of Zürich for her work as an outstanding performer and received the Swiss Dance Prize for her work HATE ME, TENDER. As of 2019, Teresa is Young Associate Artist (YAA!) at Tanzhaus Zürich.