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Juliette Uzor / Switzerland

Acziun Susch welcomes Swiss artist Juliette Uzor for a research residency dedicated to her upcoming project. In her research, Juliette explores the multiple directedness of her body towards space and its inhabitants/materials. Being part of a space, being impressed by it and leaving an impression as well. Memory and fiction play a role here, as well as blind spots, things my body doesn’t perceive. By working with the body as always in relation to a specific surrounding, Artist deals with spatial and temporal nearness or distance and wishes to challenge a certain feeling of contained impressions not expressed virtuously but being held inside. A charged body. Juliette's interest is in the implosion of many moving parts and how they get re-directed through inner collisions.

Courtesy Juliette Uzor

Juliette Uzor (*1992, St.Gallen) is an artist and dance maker. Before achieving her Bachelor in Contemporary Dance in Lausanne at La Manufacture in 2019, she studied Art/Education and Art History in Bern and Zurich. In her work, Juliette is interested in the rhythms of individual yet collective movement and mainly works in collaborative and interdisciplinary processes. She is showing her work in different spaces, such as Kunsthalle Zürich, Kunsthalle St.Gallen and Tanzhaus Zürich and different off-spaces. She has collaborated with Eleanor Bauer, Isabel Lewis and Elie Autin, amongst others. In summer 2021, she was part of the Performance Art Festival in Freetown, Sierra Leone.