An ECHOLOT or sonar is an instrument transmitting sound waves into the water and measuring the time interval between emission and return of the pulse to determine the depth of water. The connection of sound and time and the aspect of measuring, i.e. making sense, serves as its underlying concept.


The podcast features chapters from different pillars of our activities. Starting with 4 episodes from Disputaziuns Susch 2019, ’The Magicians of the Mountain’, in March 2020, we continue our audio journey with Stillness & Motion, a new podcast series launching 20th April 2020, featuring a mix of international artists, writers, choreographers and creative thinkers across nine episodes, meditating on times of isolation.


Since opening in January 2019 in the remote Alpine idyll of the Swiss Engadin, the concepts of stillness and taking life at a deliberately slower pace with increased time for contemplation have been a core founding value and at the centre of each of the museum’s multi-disciplinary strands of activity. Yet, since the current pandemic forced the world into physical separation and a near standstill of normal every day activity, the need for quiet meditation and contemplation is brought into stark relief.


The Stillness & Motion podcast series provides a vital platform for the original thinking and new creative ideas of artists and co-curators, arguably more relevant now than ever before as those at home seek comfort and relief to guide us through the current time of crisis.


Guest speakers among the series include: curator Sabine Breitwieser in conversation with artists Katrina Daschner and Aura Rosenberg from the exhibition, Up to and including limits: After Carolee Schneemann; author and editor, Jennifer Higgie in conversation with artist Liliane Lijn; dramaturg and writer Guy Cools on traditions that can help us to embody and experience the feelings of loss and grief, artist Jarosław Kozłowski on ‘Stillness/Motion’ in the context of the NET archive; and other writers, poets, choreographers and artists.


This new audio-initiative compliments the Muzeum Susch App (available on App Store and Google Play), which includes audio and visual guides of past and current exhibitions, reaching global audiences from its remote alpine surroundings.



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