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Alexandra Bachzetsis 


4 March 2023

6 PM

Muzeum Susch Auditorium

On 4 March 2023, as part of Hannah Villiger: Amaze Me exhibition, Alexandra Bachzetsis will present a performance Perfect at the Muzeum Susch’s main hall. In a setting that suggests a photo studio, she and co-performers repeat movements that refer to everyday gestures as well as references to fitness exercises or dance elements. The disruptions in the performance create a link to Villiger's questioning of self-presentation and her continuous posing in front of the camera.

Alexandra Bachzetsis is a Swiss choreographer, dancer and visual artist. In her live performances and video installations, she deals with body images, representation, and stereotypes.

Due to the limited number of places, pre-booking necessary – book online here

Her work This Side Up (2007) created in collaboration with Julia Born is presented at Hannah Villiger: Amaze Me exhibition on the first floor. In this video work, Bachzetsis moves in a rectangular section of space, which in turn also moves or rotates repeatedly by 90 degrees. Gravity is overridden, and the performer winds, stretches, pushes or supports her body in the seemingly precarious space with considerable effort. The rectangular video format forms the spatial framework, just as the square Polaroid format frames Hannah Villiger's movements in front of the camera. In this work, Bachzetsis and Born are also concerned with how the movement and orientation of the body in space can be recorded and how the performers can be guided, instructed or even controlled.

CONCEPT, STAGE AND CHOREOGRAPHY Alexandra Bachzetsis // PERFORMANCE IN SUSCH Alexandra Bachzetsis, Antoine Weil, Johanna Willi-Rosenstein // COSTUME DESIGN Christian Hersche, Ulla Ludwig, Laurent Hermann Progin // TECHNICAL DIRECTION AND LIGHT Patrik Rimann // PRODUCTION AND TOUR MANAGEMENT Association All Exclusive, Franziska Schmidt // PHOTOS Diana Pfammatter