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Shelley Etkin, Anna Nowicka

10 - 19 April 2021

Dream Landing or how is nature dreaming?

Research residency

Acziun Susch is welcoming research residency of Berlin based artist Shelley Etkin and Anna Nowicka, who comes back to us after her very successful stay at Muzeum Susch in summer 2019. Dream Landing arises as a project in listening to beyond-human realities, in experiencing the world as an interrelated whole, and in taking action from information that arises in this process.

Dream Landing is a collaboration between Shelley Etkin, Anna Nowicka and Angela Schubot, weaving their individual artistic practices into a performative workshop series. By bridging work with land(ing), plants and dreams, Dream Landing awakens participants to an awareness of being a part of nature, continuously engaged in co-creating the world. It offers choreographic tools to experience being fully embedded in nature’s processes, subconsciously dialoguing with plants, animals and inner and outer landscapes. It employs dream work to make these relationships visible, the multiple voices heard and understood, and their calls addressed.

The residency at Muzeum Susch is a beginning of creative process towards the show. Shelley Etkin and Anna Nowicka embark on a deep listening journey, following the local vegetation. Their unique knowledge in plant medicine and dreaming provide tools for unfolding an embodied dialogue with nature, unraveling cues of how to go on and create a new reality.

Shelley Etkin ©Ilya Noe, Anna Nowicka ©Maurycy Stankiewicz
Shelley Etkin ©Ilya Noe, Anna Nowicka ©Maurycy Stankiewicz