Muzeum Susch - Mobile Application

The Muzeum Susch App is a tool enriching the visitor experience by providing access to unique content related to the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Immersive and intuitive, responding directly to your location, the app offers immediate in-depth information on displayed artworks and exhibited artists. For each artwork, additional materials are presented regarding the work’s history and context, referring to relations to other artworks exhibited at the museum and within the broader field of art history.

By implementing access to specifically commissioned editorial, archival drawings, images and multimedia materials from the installation process, the Muzeum Susch APP gives deep insight into the creation process and history behind the works presented at the museum. Moreover, the Muzeum Susch App presents exclusive interviews with the artists, audio recordings explaining site-specific installations, and museum tours prepared by curators, artists and art critics. All these features add to an elevated experience during the visit at the museum while the content is also available remotely.

The Muzeum Susch App offers some exclusive features to be used only while actually visiting the museum.’show my location’, allow to locate where you are in the museum and 'works around me' is a responsive feature that automatically displays information about the artworks placed near your location allowing the visitors to finding specific content aligned with the artworks they are looking at. Secondly, the museum navigation system guides visitors not only through the exhibition but also directly to permanent installations or museum facilities, as the public library, the auditorium, the bistro and elsewhere. The app experience and content will grow with time to engage with the archives and the research of the museum.

The app also provides an all-year calendar, outlining the museum’s multidisciplinary programme and details of its activities. With added news from social media channels and updates on additions to the museum’s collections Muzeum Susch App is constantly evolving, playing a crucial part in the ongoing engagement with visitors at the museum and remote followers of the museum’s activities. 

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