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Instituto Susch is a forum for feminist research programmes, conferences and publishing developed in cooperation with international scholars, academic institutions, networks and independent initiatives.

Instituto Susch is “a platform to support, co-finance, challenge, and structure research on women in art and science in order to write a matrilineal history of our civilisation.” (Grażyna Kulczyk, 2021)

Instituto Susch aims to advance the recognition of women’s achievements and legacy in the history of art. The projection for the coming years is to become “not only an active participant of research in a global institutional network, but an aggregate for the main threads in current and future discussions.” (Grażyna Kulczyk, 2021)

The activities of Instituto Susch shall be reflected in new structures and projects conceptualised, edited, and hosted by Art Stations Foundation CH, with the intend to become an active agent for the advancement of women’s research inside and beyond institutional academia.

Instituto Susch intends to build out networks with institutions and initiatives in Switzerland, as well as reaching globally, and sharing communication platforms with its partner organisations.

Instituto Susch is the conceptual umbrella for the following pillars of Art Stations Foundation CH creating new synergies with these formats, as well as an active dialogue with the programme of Muzeum Susch, centrally dedicated to exhibitions by outstanding female artists:

Instituto Susch 2021+

Instituto Susch launches a new feminist Research Programme, conceived by curator, author and art historian Anke Kempkes, Director of Instituto Susch, which will be developed in conferences and culminate in future publications. In collaboration with a colloquium of global Research Fellows the programme of Instituto Susch 2021+ is dedicated to the theme of Art Manifestos and Avant-Garde Theories formulated by Women Artists.

Art historical narratives still reiterate the belief that programmatic writing in the avant-garde movements and milieus has been formulated predominantly by male artists. This belief has been one of the columns diminishing the contribution of women artists to history. Avant-garde verve and brilliance were and are seen in these hegemonic narratives as a naturalised privilege and bastion of male intellect and genius.

In reality, the situation was far more nuanced and complex. Women artists in the avant-garde movements – who often found themselves in the position of wives and domestic enablers of their male peers or as ‘eccentric’ outsiders – were not only co-founders of the most legendary artist groups and movements, but they also formulated intellectual concepts that advanced and radicalised these heightened moments in history.

However, written intellectual testimonies and concepts by women artists were rarely officially published. Their concepts and ideas therefor often appear in the ‘minor’ literary formats of private letters, notebooks and journals, or in collective writing activities with their partners.

First Edition Instituto Susch (2016-2020)

Instituto Susch collaborated from 2016-2020 with its first partner, the Art Institute at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel. The Director of the Basel Art Institute, Spanish curator and art historian Chus Martínez, developed in collaboration with other Associate Scholars The Womens Centre of Excellence and the digital Women’s Library, both situated at and embedded in the structure of the Basel Academy. 

The Womens Center for Excellence hosted in this programme a series of symposia since autumn 2018, documented in a 'Promise no Promises!' podcasts series on the websites of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel, and at Art Stations Foundation CH. The bibliography of the digital Women’s Library can also be viewed here.

The innovate activities of the Center are continuing