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Anna Byskov


My background is split between different countries, towns and languages. I don’t quite know where I fit in but I belong to landscapes that I discover on the way. I like to grasp what surrounds me to create, observe and write my own story.

Being from an English, Danish and Swiss background, I make mistakes in all the languages and I do not feel comfortable in any of them. I doubt the words I want to use, seeking for precision and getting them muddled up. Expression has unexpectedly become a system I explore. Sense and non-sense traverse confusion and doubt, creating poetical space in writing, video and performance. I like to call my work a blur.

I left Geneva to pursue my art studies at La Villa Arson, Nice in 2009. I obtained an art studio at the Fondation des Artistes in Nogent sur Marne in 2015. I have shown my work in several institutions, amongst others the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Le Générateur, Gentilly; Le Confort moderne, Poitier; La Fondation du Doute, Blois; La MABA, Nogent-sur-Marne; Le Cyclop, Milly-la Forêt, The Power Station of Art, Shanghai and informal places, like Openspace, Nancy; OrNothing, Bruxelles, Le Narcissio, Nice.

I now work between Paris, Mulhouse and Geneva hopping from one place to another. Not settled, I pursue my research and my artwork wherever I am and in whatever context. I draw a thin line between art and life. That is how I gather my material, feed my imagination - because nothing is stable and achieved. I consider my work as a punctuation that takes part of many other situations, which triggers a system of continuity.


At the moment, I am doing the art residency Temporars Susch Muzeum in Switzerland. I am working on a new editorial project with the editors La Houle and the curator Richard Neyroud.