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Ariane Koch, artist in residency Muzeum Susch
Ariane Koch, artist in residency Muzeum Susch, credits: Johannes Schäfer

Ariane Koch was born in Basel in 1988, and studied fine arts, interdisciplinarity and a few semesters of philosophy and theatre studies in Basel and Bern. She writes theatre, performance and prose texts – often in collaboration with the theatre group GKW (Moïra Gilliéron, Ariane Koch and Zino Wey) or the artist Sarina Scheidegger. The works deal with hospitality, feminism, dinosaurs, stagnation or the disappearance of humans and have been nominated for the Stückemarkt at the Berliner Festspiele (2019), the Swiss Art Award (2018), the Manor-Kunstpreis (2018) and the Helvetia Kunstpreis (2016). She has received several work grants from Canton of Basel-Stadt and Pro Helvetia, as well as residency scholarships at the Literary Colloquium in Berlin (2014) and at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris (2020). Her first novel Die Aufdrängung will be published by Suhrkamp Verlag in August 2021 and tells the story of an uninvited guest and how we deal with the unknown.