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Guy Cools/ AT : Lamenting Residency

Wed, 27.10.2021/ 4 PM

Post-residency work-in-progress presentation / entrance free

Muzeum Susch proudly welcomes for residency based in Vienna dramaturge and performance artist Guy Cools.

Last year we were honored to support the publication of Guy's new book: "Performing Mourning, Laments in Contemporary Art" (Valiz, 2021). Using the Greek tradition of the 'moiroloi' (laments) - 'which are dramatic expressions of an ethic of care and of tending the dead' - as a template, Guy discusses how a lot of contemporary art in different disciplines (literature, visual art, performing arts, music) develop forms of contemporary laments to dialogue with those who are absent. By performing and giving a voice to the emotions of grief, these contemporary artistic expressions transform the seeming fatality of the experience of loss.

During his residency in Susch, he will continue to develop a series of lecture-performances and workshops that will accompany the book and apply the dramaturgy of traditional laments in contemporary art practices.

We kindly invite you to a post-residency open showing – meeting with Guy Cools.

More about the artist HERE.